The M16 is the first Assault Rifle usable in Call of Duty:Black Ops multiplayer. It is unlocked from the start, and is used in the pre-made class Assault.


-Extended Mags

-Dual Mags


-Red Dot Sight

-Reflex Sight



-Grenade Launcher

-Infareded Scope


Multiplayer Use

The M16 is a three-round-burst weapon. However, this makes it less effective than a fully automatic weapon. It starts with 30 bullets (45 with Extended Mags). It is a good defensive weapon with high damage and low recoil. Oddly, the Infareded and ACCOG scopes lessen the recoil here, unlike on the other assault rifles.

User Stuff: I love this gun and still use it. It is a b055 weapon (boss).

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