The Famas is a French assault rifle in Call of Duty:Black Ops.


The Famas is unlocked at level 14 for 2000 CoD points. It is fully automatic with a fast rate of fire, high damage and a recoil that is foward and to the right. To reduce this recoil, fire in short controlable bursts. On the Famas, 2 of these bursts will kill a enemy. Any magazine upgrade (eg Dual Mags, which I used to get a 15 kill streak) will be useful, as the full auto tears through ammo rather fast. The iron sights are decent on this weapon, so a Red Dot is not a must for this (unlike numerous other assault rifles).

User Stuff: I use this gun with Dual Mags ( I went 45 and 2 with it). This gun is highly useful for low- level players hunting for a full auto assult rifle.

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