This here is the Assault Rifle order/cost/level unlocked at in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

  1. M16-free-comes w/game
  2. Enfield-2000 CoD points-Level 5
  3. M14-2000 CoD points-Level 9
  4. Famas-2000 CoD points-Level 14
  5. Galil-2000 CoD points-Level 19
  6. AUG-2000 CoD points-Level 26
  7. FN FAL-2000 CoD points-Level 32
  8. AK-47-2000 CoD points-Level 38
  9. Commando-2000 CoD points-Level 44
  10. G11-2000 CoD points-After all ARs are purchased (level 44 up)

User: In my opinion, the Commando is the best AR. Comment on which AR is best.

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